Helping Your Loved One Recover from a Broken Hip

Senior Care in Richmond Hill

When you first hear that your loved one has broken his hip, your first thought might be that this is a horrible injury that can affect the rest of his life. The reality is that healing from a broken hip Senior-Care-Richmond-Hill
can be slow, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your loved one won’t be up and around again just like before. Helping him to heal properly takes patience and an attention to detail.

Talk to His Doctor

While there are general things that you can do for your loved one as his family caregiver after he breaks a hip, you should make sure to talk to his doctor about any special circumstances. Your loved one may need physical therapy to regain his strength. Your loved one’s doctor can also recommend specific tools that you can use at home to help your loved one heal faster. This can be special shoes or clothing that make dressing easier or even bathing tools such as bath benches to make showering easier.

Make the House Safer

One of the biggest things you can do to help your loved one’s home safer is to rearrange his furniture to make sure that he has plenty of room to maneuver. Double check that rugs and cords don’t provide a hazard for tripping. Hand rails in stairways, hallways, and bathrooms help in case your loved one loses his balance while walking. Make sure that you go through the entire house checking for anything that could become a hazard while your loved one is recovering.

Focus a Little Extra on Bathroom Safety

The entire house is important, but the bathroom is probably the room in which your loved one is the most vulnerable. If your loved one is adamant about showering or bathing alone, then hand rails and anti-slip mats are essential. You may also be able to convince your loved one that elder care providers who specialize in personal care services are an important addition to his care plan.

Helping with Emotions and State of Mind

One problem that your loved one is likely to face is that his injury makes him feel helpless or incapacitated. For a time, this may be partially true. But as he heals, those depressed feelings can keep him feeling bad for a longer period of time. Empathize with him, and encourage him to believe that the situation is only temporary. As your loved one gains strength, the emotional aspect should become easier on both of you.

Helping your loved one to deal with a broken hip is first and foremost about his safety. From there, he can have the time and the room he needs to heal.

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