Hiring Home Care Help For Stubborn Parents

Mark knew that his father, Robert, needed some help after his heart problems left him unable to do some basic things like grocery shop, prepare meals and clean the house. Although he wasn’t dependent enough to live in a care facility, he definitely was not able to succeed in some of the basic activities required for daily life. Mark couldn’t be there during the day because of his job and his own family needed him after hours. Besides, Robert absolutely did not want to leave his home.


Home Care Services in Vaughan: Senior Care Services

Home Care Services in Vaughan: Senior Care Services

After several weeks of arguing, Mark told his father that they needed to hire someone in elderly care to come in and help with some of the basics. However, Robert was resistant because he didn’t like the idea of someone coming into his house. He was worried about a number of things, such as having lots of strangers in the house and that they wouldn’t cook any meals that he liked. Mark promised that they would do what it took to hire a qualified, trustworthy aide that Robert would feel comfortable with. Privately, Mark had no idea where to start.


Are you constantly worrying?

Adult children constantly worry about the health and well-being of their aging parents. As they watch their loved one struggle to complete basic tasks yet refuse help, it can be a never-ending source of frustration as well. It becomes difficult to focus on much else when adult children fear for the safety of their elderly parent’s day in and day out. Long-term care is expensive and may not be right for elderly people that are not quite ready for such a move. Fortunately, there are plenty of home care agencies that provide the solution for both elderly parents and adult children.

Many adult children aren’t aware of home care services for aging adults. However, the number of families that use paid help for elderly relatives has grown over the years, and there are now more agencies than ever providing in-home care for seniors. While there is a financial cost to getting this kind of aid, it’s often worth it for adult children to know that their loved ones are being looked after and assisted in every way they need.

What types of home care are available?

Family caregivers that are new to the idea of people coming in to help out their elderly parents need to know that there are two types of care services: home health care and in-home care.

Home health care provides in-home medical services and that usually means medically trained people making the visits. They may do things like physical therapy, checkups, administer routine medical procedures and more.

In-home care is focused more on daily care and personal services. This usually includes housecleaning, grooming, hygiene, meal prep and planning, transportation and companionship. Elderly care aides are not medically trained but go through serious training, background checks and more. This type of care, plus community services for seniors like meal delivery groups, senior center activities and more, may be just what adult children need for their aging parents.

Adult children that make the decision to hire help through a home care agency are making the right choice for them and their elderly parents. It’s important to get references from current and former clients from each care agency to ensure the services are adequate. It’s helpful for adult children to meet with several different agencies to get a feel for the type of services, how they handle emergencies and to get an overview of how they run their service.

Arranging for paid in-home care can be a major adjustment for elderly parents. Not only will they be wary of someone new coming into the home, it also symbolizes their increasing dependency on others, which can be scary for them. The good news is that in no time, elderly parents will come to see that a dedicated elderly care aide makes their lives easier and that they are in good hands.

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