COVID-19 – Self-Isolation Is the Best Way to Prevent Coronavirus

It’s very important that your parents avoid other people right now. Self-distancing is the best way to avoid catching COVID-19. They do not want to be around other people, and that’s hard to avoid when they’re in a store or public building. Staying isolated the easiest way to avoid being around others. These are the steps they need to be taking.


Home Care in Aurora: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Tips

Home Care in Aurora: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Tips



Get Outside for Fresh Air

If they’re feeling fine, your parents can still go outside. Self-distancing and self-isolation don’t mean they have to stay inside. They can go for walks, but they need to stay away from neighbors. If a neighbor is walking down the road, your parents need to cross the street to avoid close contact.

They may not feel comfortable walking around the neighborhood. That’s okay. They can walk around the yard, sit on the deck or patio, or work in their gardens. They still get fresh air and sun exposure without being around others.


Stay Home

Your parents need to stay at home. They shouldn’t go out to stores. A scenic drive is fine, but they shouldn’t get out of their car and go into public areas. If they need groceries, they should see what services are available. Online shopping with grocery deliveries eliminates the need for them to go shopping.

They may find that a local farm is currently offering free delivery of milk and other dairy products during the pandemic. Restaurants and breweries in some areas are delivering to residential buildings. They can purchase many of their pet foods and supplies online, too.


Wash Hands Regularly

If they cannot avoid a trip to a store, make sure your parents aim for some of the less crowded times. Shopping at 10 a.m. on a weekday is going to be less crowded than a weekend afternoon. They should carry hand sanitizer and use it after touching things like doorknobs and keypads.

During the shopping trip, they must avoid touching their face. If someone is coughing or sneezing, your parents should leave that area. Back at home, your parents need to wash their hands as soon as groceries are carried in. They should also wash their hands when all of the groceries are put away.


You Need to Self-Isolate, Too

You also need to stay home and self-isolate. The last thing you’d want to do is give your parents the virus. The CDC admits they’re still learning about how the virus spreads, but some studies have found that people can be contagious and not have symptoms. You could be around someone with COVID-19 and not realize it.

Stay home and let caregivers help your parents out. Caregivers have special training to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the disease. Your parents will have caregivers there to sterilize surfaces, help them keep in touch with you over the computer, and pick up groceries and prescriptions.

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