How Can You Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

Getting enough sleep is critical for everyone but can be particularly important for you as a family caregiver. Making sure your body gets enough rest means you will feel energized and focused, and your body and mind will be able to work at their peak.


Home Care in Aurora: Obtaining A Better Night's Sleep

Home Care in Aurora: Obtaining A Better Night’s Sleep

Studies have shown that those who do not get enough sleep on a regular basis or prone to fatigue, which can result in memory loss, lack of judgment, poor decision-making, loss of reaction time, distraction, shortness of temper, increased risk for illness and infection, cardiovascular disease, depression, and more.

For many people, not getting enough sleep is about both not spending enough time in bed, and not getting good quality of sleep once there. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your sleep to ensure you get the rest and recovery you need every night.


Try these ways to improve the quality of your sleep to avoid fatigue and improve your caregiver efforts:

-Set a time to go to bed and to wake up each day, and follow this strictly. You should get up and go to bed at the same time every day regardless of whether it is a weekend, you’re on vacation, or you have something to do. While this is not always practical, doing it as much as possible will help to improve your sleep.

-Avoid laying in bed with the lights on. The lights should be turned off immediately when you go to bed to start the melatonin reaction and to train your body to go to sleep as soon as possible after laying down.

-Avoid activities such as reading, filling out paperwork, reading mail or paying bills, or watching TV while in bed. This stimulates the mind, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep, and can trigger your brain to wake up when you get into bed, rather than helping it to relax and go to sleep.

-Find ways to make the bedroom as dark as possible. Even electronics such as an alarm clock or a TV with sensor buttons can create a large amount of light that can work to keep the mind active.

-Try lowering the temperature in the room. Many people fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply when they are in a cool environment.


-Avoid sleeping in constricting or heavy clothing. It’s better to sleep in very lightweight breathable clothing with layers of blankets you can easily shed than to attempt to stay warm with heavy clothes.

-Exercise every day. Starting your day with exercise wakes you up and helps you to feel better throughout the day, while also easing you into sleep at night. Some studies have suggested that gentle exercises such as stretching or taking a walk in the evening can also help you relax and improve your sleep.

-Establish an eating routine. Eating at the same times every day will help to train your body to digest effectively, which can help prevent hunger or being over-full when trying to go to bed.


How can home care services help?

Starting home care for your aging parents can be a fantastic choice for both of you if you have begun to experience fatigue in your caregiver journey. Fatigue can be a very serious condition that goes well beyond just being tired, to being exhausted, and physically and mentally depleted. With an in-home senior care provider in place, you can combat the effects of fatigue and improve your parents care as they age in place.

This type of care provider is able to seamlessly work with your own care efforts to ensure your parent has access to the assistance and support they need to manage their challenges, support their health and well-being, and encourage independence and a fulfilling quality of life. Knowing this care provider is there for your parent enables you to focus more time on taking care of yourself, getting enough sleep, and preserving your own mental and emotional well-being.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care in Aurora, contact the caring professionals at Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at (905)-709-1767.

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