5 Tips for Reducing the Amount of Salt Your Parent Eats

Most people in the United States eat 50 percent more sodium every day than is considered healthy.
The recommended daily allowance of sodium is 2,300 mg, but experts say that aiming for 1,500 mg or less is better if a health condition is already present. Eating too much salt can lead to health problems including high blood pressure and kidney problems or worsen existing ones.


Home Care Etobicoke: Senior Sodium Intake

Home Care Etobicoke: Senior Sodium Intake


There are many ways for family caregivers to reduce the amount of food in their elderly parents’ diets, including the 5 tips offered below.


#1: Read Labels

It’s hard for family caregivers to know how much sodium a senior is consuming if they don’t know how much is in their food in the first place. One way to keep track of how much sodium your parent is eating is to read labels. When you first aim to lower their sodium, try tracking how much is in each of the foods your senior eats. It can be a real eye-opener to discover just how much they are currently eating. Then, try to slowly decrease the amount over time by choosing low salt and salt-free versions of foods.


#2: Avoid Processed Foods

A lot of the sodium Americans eat comes from processed foods. If your parent is currently eating frozen meals or convenience foods, like canned pasta, encourage them to make different choices. It may even be necessary for caregivers to prepare foods from fresh, whole ingredients for them. One way to do this without having to be at the senior’s house for every meal is to take a day to make several dishes that freeze well. Then, package them into individual meals that the senior can heat up.


#3: Use Herbs and Spices Instead of Salt

Instead of flavoring foods with salt as you cook, use herbs and spices. There are even spice blends on the market that are designed to be salt substitutes.


#4: Be Careful with Condiments

One thing caregivers should be aware of is that condiments are a huge source of sodium. Since lots of people don’t really think about them when they are calculating calories and nutrients in meals, caregivers may fail to consider condiments when calculating sodium intake. However, many condiments are high in salt. Look for low-salt options and compare labels to pick the condiments that have the least salt.


#5: Leave the Saltshaker Off the Table

When the saltshaker is on the table, it’s easy to reach for it without even tasting the food first. Leaving it off the table encourages your parent to taste their food first. They may just find that it doesn’t need salt because you’ve given it plenty of flavor with herbs and spices.

A home care service provider can help with shopping and cooking to keep the salt intake down. Call an agency today for more information.


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