How Can You Make Laundry Easier for Your Dad to Manage?

He lives alone, but he’d determined that he doesn’t need you doing his laundry. If your dad is having a harder time with laundry, these tips may help.


Home Care in Guelph: Senior Laundry Tips

Home Care in Guelph: Senior Laundry Tips


Move the Laundry Room to the Main Floor

How is your dad’s home designed? If he has a home where the laundry area is in the basement, how easy is it to move it upstairs? If he could have the laundry area moved to an upstairs bathroom, closet, or kitchen, it will be easier for him.

You may have to invest in a smaller washer and dryer or a combination unit. If it helps your dad avoid the basement steps and is an affordable change, it will be worth it.


Install a Laundry Chute or Dumbwaiter

Is it possible to put in a laundry chute? If the laundry room is over the bathroom, you could put in a chute that goes from the bathroom closet to a large basket or barrel in the laundry room.

Throughout the week, your dad deposits the dirty laundry into the chute. On laundry day, he walks downstairs and moves dirty laundry to the washing machine. When the wash is clean, he can carry up items as needed.

A dumbwaiter would be even better if there is room. He can push a button and have the clean laundry go back upstairs. He just needs to transport it to the closet from there.


How About a Stair Lift?

If getting up and down the stairs is your dad’s problem, a stairlift can help. Instead of walking down and up the basement stairs, he sits on the chair, straps himself in, and uses the stairlift to go up and down.


Choose the Right Appliances

No matter where the washer and dryer are located, you want appliances that he can access. Front-loading machines are better for this. He opens a door and the wash load is easy to remove. If you get top-loading, he has to be able to reach inside, which can be hard if he’s in a wheelchair.


Would He Let a Home Care Aide Help?

While he may not want to burden you, your dad may welcome housekeeping services from a home care aide. Talk to him about the different services available. He may like the idea of having someone available to do his laundry, clean his home, and put away groceries. Discuss the possible home care services and call to schedule the ones he would like.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring a Home Care in Guelph, please contact the caring professionals at  Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at (905)-709-1767.


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