Making the Most of Being Homebound

No one wants to see their homebound loved ones spend the majority of their days sitting bored in front of the television set, watching old soap opera reruns or whatever happens to be playing on TV all day long, day after day. But often that is the case, with seniors feeling lonely, stubborn, depressed about their mobility or health issues, or just unsure of any alternatives. Sometimes they just get stuck in old habits and might even be content to sit in one place all day long.


Home Care in Guelph: Homebound Senior Activities

Home Care in Guelph: Homebound Senior Activities


Attempting to brighten your loved one’s days, or mix it up and introduce them to something different can be an enjoyable experience for not only your senior parent, but those around them as well, such as family members or professional caregivers who are with them daily as they tend to their dietary, medical, and household needs.


Here are a few simple ideas of ways that you can bring something new into your homebound senior’s life…


-Puzzles. Puzzles and other easily portable board games are great for seniors who can’t get around well or cannot leave their homes. They are also great for family members and caregivers and give everyone something to participate in during visits with your loved one.


-Tablets. These can be a wonderful way to bring the outside in for seniors who are homebound. There are tons of apps, many of them totally free, that your senior parent can use for things such as memory work and dexterity in the form of fun games. With the ease of video function and portability, many seniors enjoy making video phone calls to friends or family members and give them a sense of being able to stay in touch when they might not be able to participate in their loved ones’ lives outside of their home.


-Pictures. Don’t forget about all the old pictures that are probably piled up in someone’s basement or garage collecting dust. Take the time to locate them and let your loved one relive old moments in time while they reminisce about the past. Listen to their stories, or even better, let them choose certain pictures or make a scrapbook or memory album as a keepsake that can be passed down generation after generation.


-Old home movies. If mom or dad still has an old VCR in good working condition, why not bring out the old home movies? They will enjoy seeing old memories that may otherwise be lost with time and ever-changing technology.


-Seasonal Crafts. Another fun way to allow your senior loved ones to feel connected with the world is by allowing them to get creative and hands-on with crafts of the season. Table centerpieces, ornaments, or wreaths for the doors are all great ways to get the senior in your life crafty and out of the same old rut.


The TV gets old for both seniors and caregivers. Show them there is much more to being homebound than sitting in front of a screen day in and day out.

Helpful Tip: Get the caregivers involved! There are only so many black and white reruns that they can handle, and letting them participate in activities with your seniors, will liven up their days as well and lead to happier days for everyone!


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