How Can You Convince Your Elderly Loved One to Start Eating Better?

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Convincing your elderly loved one that she needs a healthier diet can be a bit tricky. Quite a bit depends on how she eats now and whether you can sneak some healthier options in.Home-Care-in-Mississauga

Try Tracking What She Eats Now

It’s possible that your elderly loved one is just fine with how she eats right now. She may feel that a cupcake for lunch and three grapes does keep her full for the entire day. Or she may not realize just what she’s eating and when. Keeping all of that information in a food diary can help your loved one to see in black and white exactly how she eats now. It may even inspire her to give some of your suggestions a try.

Look for Some “Copycat” Recipes

Some of the foods that your loved one eats now may be meals and dishes that she’s eaten for a very long time. The dishes may not be all that healthy or they might be made with processed ingredients. One way around this is to start looking for recipes made with healthier ingredients that can mimic these favorite meals and dishes. You might get some exactly right, but others might be a flop.

Cook for Your Loved One

One reason that elderly loved ones might not eat much or might choose unhealthier options is that they’re simply easier. Cooking for one is no fun and if your loved one isn’t in great health, the idea of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up may honestly be too much for her. Try cooking for your loved one or even asking other family members to pitch in and help by cooking. You can even hire home care providers who cook for your loved one.

Have Healthy Meals Delivered

You can also work with different county agencies who might offer meal delivery to your elderly loved one. If that isn’t an option, or those meals don’t fit your loved one’s dietary requirements, there are mail-order and sometimes local options that can send healthy meals straight to your loved one. Some do require cooking, which might be a good choice if your loved one enjoys cooking but isn’t keen on shopping.

If your elderly loved one is really committed to not changing the way that she eats, don’t fight it. Work with her doctor to ensure that she’s getting enough nutrients and just try to make each meal a little bit better.


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