Reducing Your Parent’s Risk of Suffering a Heart Attack

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Knowing that your aging parent is at increased risk of suffering from a heart attack can be a stressful and upsetting realization. Heart attack is the leading cause of death among both men and Home-Care-in-Torontowomen throughout the United States and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Knowing the risk factors that are associated with higher chances of suffering a heart attack and helping your parent to reduce these risks can protect them from this serious health event and help them to live a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life throughout their later years.


While there are some risk factors of heart disease and heart attack that you cannot manipulate or change, such as age, sex, or family history, there are others that you can impact dramatically. Some of these include:

  • Physical inactivity. Not getting enough physical activity weakens the heart and makes it less efficient, increasing the chances of heart disease and heart attack. Just increasing exercise to a moderate degree greatly improves health and reduces the chances that your parent will suffer from a heart attack. Try encouraging them to take walks every day or to use the stairs in stores or other buildings rather than the elevator. Activities such as gardening and dancing are fun ways for your parent to keep their body moving without it seeming like exercise.
  • Being overweight. A body weight that is higher than ideal is a leading risk factor for heart disease and heart attack. If your parent is overweight, talk to their doctor about ways that you can help them to shed those extra pounds safely and healthily. Actions such as eating a healthier, more balanced diet, cutting out soda, and exercising for 30 minutes each day are effective ways of trimming weight and getting healthier.
  • High blood pressure. High blood pressure is very hard on the heart and causes it to lose effectiveness over time. While there are some people who are particularly prone to high blood pressure, there are also ways to reduce the risk or manage blood pressure, including not drinking alcohol or caffeine, eating a salt-reduced diet, and avoiding stress.
  • Diabetes. Though many people do not realize it, diabetes and heart disease are actually closely linked. This means if your parent has diabetes, controlling it effectively is essential to protecting their heart. Talk to their doctor about their treatment and management efforts and ensure that you are doing everything that you can to reduce the chances that your parent will develop heart disease.


If you are concerned that your parent is at high risk of suffering a heart attack, home care can be a fantastic resource for them. Having an in-home senior care services provider in the home with your parent can help them to manage a wide variety of health complications, risk factors, and other situations that might increase the chances that they will suffer a heart attack. This can not only help to protect them from the potentially devastating consequences associated with a heart attack, but can also guide them in living a lifestyle that is more active, healthier, and more fulfilling as they age in place.


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