Why Aren’t Relatives Helping More?

If you’ve ever asked other family members to help you out with caregiving, you might have been shocked to get negative responses. You’re pretty sure that you would help out, so why aren’t they doing the same?


Home Care in Mississauga: Caregiver Assistance

Home Care in Mississauga: Caregiver Assistance



They Haven’t Experienced What You Have

No matter how new you are to caregiving, odds are that you’ve got more experience helping your senior in this situation than other family members have. And that inexperience can be intimidating for them. Since they don’t really know what you’re doing, they don’t know how to pitch in and help, either. You can try explaining and showing them what’s going on, but you need to prepare yourself for them to continue as they are.

They Don’t Understand What Your Senior Needs

Because they’re not as involved as you are in your senior’s situation, they don’t completely understand what she needs. They may be in denial about her health or simply unaware. Regardless, until they do have a better understanding of what you and your senior are up against, they’re probably going to stand down.

You Make it All Look So Easy

It might seem like a cop out when you hear it, but you’re doing a great job of making caregiving look easy to outsiders. They don’t see the self-doubt that you wrestle with daily or the times that you worry about your senior’s health. They see the good times and the fact that your elderly family member is in good hands with you, which is a compliment. But it can help them to see that there are times you really do need help.

They’re Terrified

Finally, your other family members may want to help but find the idea terrifying. They may realize just all that you do and they don’t think that they could even remotely keep up. That can keep them from offering to help with even the simplest of tasks.

None of these are necessarily great reasons for family members not to pitch in and help, but they are definitely understandable. Remember that you can’t and you shouldn’t force anyone to help out. If they aren’t able to help, that’s something you’ll both have to cope with for now. It’s a much better idea to lean on elder care providers to fill that gap for you. They’ve got the experience that you need and they’re there when you need them the most.

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