Four Spare Time Ideas for Your Senior

If your senior has a little too much free time on her hands, you might find that she’s sleeping at odd times, staying up late, or simply not doing much of anything at all. After a little bit of time, that can lead to some poor eating habits and can really drain her energy.


Home Care in North York: Spending Time With Your Senior

Home Care in North York: Spending Time With Your Senior


Revisit Some Hobbies and Explore New Ones

Lots of people have lifetime hobbies. They may have dropped those hobbies over time, though, and think they can’t just pick them up again later. Some hobbies might involve skills that are difficult for your senior now, like fine needlepoint or painting smaller items in a detailed way. This might be the perfect time to do some adventuring and try out a few new hobbies to see which ones are a good fit.


Investigate Learning Prospects

Hobbies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, though. Your senior might enjoy learning something new instead. Local community colleges and senior centers can offer a variety of courses, trainings, and workshops that your elderly family member might find interesting. Some of these learning options might be specially designed for older adults, which can also help her to meet other people her own age.


Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Another option is to give back to your senior’s community through volunteering. Your senior might feel as if there’s not much that she can do because of her health, but she might be surprised. Some agencies need just the kind of help that your senior can offer when she can. There are so many different types of volunteer situations your senior can find in her area. She just needs to look for the right one.


Get Out of the House Now and Again

If your senior is stuck looking at the same four walls every day, that gets old after a while. It might be a good idea to help her to plan some day trips or afternoon adventures. Driving can be a huge issue with this plan, though. Home care providers can take over the driving and they can also make sure that your senior is safe while she’s away from home.

Giving your senior some activities to fill her day and to keep her occupied can help to ease some of the anxiety she might feel about this new stage of her life. Having new adventures and new things to do can keep her brain active and engaged, too.


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