What’s Behind Your Senior’s Mood?

The cranky older person stereotype isn’t always accurate, but if your senior has been in a bad mood for a couple of days now you might be feeling the strain. It’s worth it to find out what might be behind her mood if you can.


Home Care in Richmond Hill: Senior’s Mood

Home Care in Richmond Hill: Senior’s Mood


Her Health Is Iffy

Bad health is enough to put anyone in a bad mood. Your senior might have other variables, too. Very often health issues that are worsening are at the very least uncomfortable for her, but they may also be painful. There are psychological impacts to poor health, too, and that may be contributing significantly to how your senior is feeling. She may not be able to do some of the things that she’s been able to do, which is frustrating at best. Talk to your senior about how you might be able to help.


Medication Side Effects

Beyond health, there are likely also medications that your senior takes. Some of the side effects associated with medications can be very unpleasant. That can mean that your elderly family member is doing everything that she can to manage a health condition, but still battling problems that she can’t control. For some medications, the side effects can include mood problems. Talk to her doctor about what else you can expect with medications.


She’s Under Stress

You might not think that your senior experiences a great deal of stress, but you would be surprised. Stress can have a variety of different causes from concern over her current and future health to worry about you and whether you’re alright. If you think that your senior might be experiencing stress, try talking to her about what’s going on.


Sometimes a Bad Mood Is Just a Bad Mood

It’s also important to remember that occasionally a bad mood is just a bad mood. Or your aging family member might be feeling antsy because you’re spending too much time together. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken any respite time, now might be a good time for it. Bring in elderly care providers and take at least an afternoon away. The time apart can do both you and your senior some good.

After you do some digging and you find out there might be a reason for your senior’s mood, you may be able to do something about it. Keep in mind that no one loves being in a bad mood, so it’s probably not much fun for your senior, either. Try to just love and support her through what she’s facing.


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