Five Tips to Turn Your Day Around

If you’ve ever had one of those days that started off on the wrong foot and just kept getting in your way, you might have thought about just giving up. But as a caregiver, your attitude helps to shape everything that happens.


Home Care Services in Etobicoke: Turn Your Day Around

Home Care Services in Etobicoke: Turn Your Day Around


Clear Your Schedule, if Possible

One of the biggest mistakes that caregivers tend to make is that they say yes to so many things during the day. Yes to existing obligations, yes to meeting their senior’s needs, and yes to so much more. There are times when all of those times you’ve said yes are a little too much. If it’s possible when you’re having an iffy day, try to clear at least part of your schedule.


Check Your Expectations

When you expect a lot from yourself, that can turn into negative feelings and reactions that you might turn toward yourself a bit. It helps to check in with yourself now and again and make sure that the expectations you have of yourself and of given situations are in line with reality. When you’re more accurate with your expectations, you’re going to have a different experience.


Do Something Different

If you’re finding that you’re caught up in the “same old, same old” routine, try doing something different. Talk to your senior about a change of scenery for both of you or trying something different for lunch. Shaking up your normal routine can help a lot more than you expect.


Take Each Moment on its Own

A bad moment or a bad morning is just that. It’s a small portion of your day or of your hour that didn’t go the way you wanted. If possible, try to give yourself a little bit of a mental reset and let each moment or part of your day stand on its own. When you can learn to do that effectively, you can start to have fewer entire days that feel bad.


Get Some Help in Place

Believe it or not, you’re also going to be less likely to have bad days if you’ve got some help in place for you and your senior. Elderly care providers can not only lighten your workload on a regular basis, but they’re also an excellent choice to offer you respite time. When you regularly take respite time, you’re going to be less stressed overall and more relaxed.


Unfortunately, every day isn’t going to be the best day ever. But you can take some steps to help make each day a little more as you would rather have it go.


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