How Can I Help My Elderly Relative After Surgery?

It’s never easy to see an aging relative go in for surgery, but as a family caregiver, you can do a lot to help them after the procedure is over and they are ready to come home.
Most seniors will need live-in help for the first several days or even weeks of their surgery. Because they are limited physically, they won’t be able to do the basic tasks required to stay clean, fed or safe. If you can’t take care of your elderly loved one in their post-operative period, consider hiring senior care providers to help.

Home Care Services in Guelph: After Surgery Senior Care

Home Care Services in Guelph: After Surgery Senior Care



Senior care providers are professionals that assist elderly adults in their homes with day-to-day needs. They are experienced in everything from personal hygiene to housekeeping and know how to work with personalities of all kinds. Senior care providers are usually hired to help out seniors with physical and cognitive challenges, and they can be compassionate companions when the aging adult might otherwise be alone. Senior care providers are particularly helpful to families in the weeks and months after an elderly adult’s surgery.

Doctors usually have a list of recommendations for what aging adults can or cannot do after the surgery. A lot depends on the senior’s current health and the type of surgery they had. For example, cataract surgery is fairly minor, and seniors won’t be impaired as much as someone who just had a total hip replacement. With a senior care provider on the job, everyone benefits.

Here are some of the needs that aging adults usually have after surgery:

Pain Management

The first few days after surgery are often the most painful as the surgical site starts to heal. Most doctors will prescribe heavy-duty painkillers for the first few days to alleviate the senior’s discomfort and pain. Prescription pain medication can do a lot to help aging adults deal with any issues they might be facing with recovery.

Keeping House

Activity restriction is very common after surgery, but cleanliness in the home is still important for health and wellness. Senior care providers can be responsible for light housework, laundry, cooking and even running errands. When family caregivers can’t be there to do it, senior care providers are able to step in and keep the house clean and tidy.

Healthy Food and Hydration

Seniors who can’t do much on their own must lean on senior care providers to prepare healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. Proper hydration is also important for healing, so seniors need to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Keeping Company

Senior care providers can help elderly adults remain happy and calm as they face many weeks or months of recovery. Boredom and loneliness are common in aging adults who are normally more social. Elderly adults who have a senior care provider for companionship are more likely to feel mentally healthy and physically cared for, without feeling lonely or sad.

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