Home Care Services in Mississiauga – 3 Ways to Stay Mentally Active

It’s beneficial mentally and physically to stay mentally active. It may sound funny at first but it’s true. The body and the brain are very inter-connected. When you keep one of them fit it benefits the other as well. Of course, we also need to exercise our bodies. When mental and physical activity are both being performed on a regular basis, the senior person stays fit and sharp well into the older years.Home Care Services Mississauga

Here are 3 ways to stay active mentally. Of course there are quite a few other things that can be done as well, but these are definitely a good start.

  1. Email. Most elderly people have lived most of their lives without the technology we have today, but it’s quite simple to set someone up with an email account, and then show them how to use it. Many elders in their 90s and above regularly use email to stay in contact with friends and family members. The elderly person who reads and answers emails is keeping their mind busy as well as getting a healthy dose of social activity and family love at the same time. For seniors who can’t do email for whatever reason, joining a book club is a good substitute. They would read the same book as the rest of the club members and then when they meet all together, they discuss the book and talk about what they liked or didn’t like about it. It encourages deep thinking. Home care services may provide transportation to the book club.
  2. Crossword puzzles and other mind challenging games. Mentally demanding games like Sudoku, word games, boggle, and more intense games that require thinking about strategy are all candidates for this category. Some board games with friends invited over also provides some much-needed social activity. Your elder’s in-home care provider can set up a games day one afternoon, and make sure your loved one’s friends are invited over for snacks and games.
  3. Volunteer work. When physically able, elders may try to remain active in the community through volunteer work. There is always something they can do to contribute and help lighten the load for someone else. Even a senior in a wheelchair can brighten the day for someone else. One example would be participating in a reading aloud program at the library. Often there are different kinds of literacy programs at public libraries where someone can read stories out loud to little children, or even help a person learning English as a second language to read and understand simple books.

Staying mentally active brings meaning and importance into the lives of seniors. It helps their mind and memory stay sharp for a longer time and generally increases their overall well-being.

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