Home Care Services in North York – April is National Cancer Control Month

The Canadian Cancer Society is encouraging everyone to wear a daffodil pin in April to show your support for people who are living with cancer. It is estimated that every 3 minutes, another Canadian will be diagnosed with cancer for the first time. The daffodil pin is a symbol to show people who are living with cancer that they are not alone.Home Care Services North York

Throughout the entire month of April there will be activities and special events in communities across the country as a way to raise essential funds for cancer research, and for policies that can improve the health of all Canadians. As cancer affects so many lives, this is an important way for people to show they care.

Your elderly loved one has probably been touched by cancer in some way; either they have experienced it or a family member has. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to avoid getting cancer or staying in remission.

As you work together with your senior’s in-home care provider, you can be a positive influence in the physical health of your loved one by following a few steps to better health:

  1. Regular exercise helps the lymph system to work more efficiently, carrying toxins out of the body so they don’t stay long enough to cause cancer. Of course, regular exercise benefits many other systems in the body as well, including the heart and cardiovascular system.
  2. Buy and serve more organic foods replacing those which have been sprayed with pesticides or have been genetically modified. Even when washed well, it’s hard to remove all the chemicals. These chemicals build up in the body and can cause toxicity levels to rise. They do cost more, so you may have to start slowly to make the replacements.
  3. Include plenty of fiber and water in the diet to aid the body in flushing out waste. This is a great way to keep the insides clean and working efficiently.
  4. Include more of the super foods in the diet, which means berries and brightly colored vegetables. They are powerhouses of nutrition and anti-oxidants. Fresh is best but when they aren’t available, frozen is a good second choice.
  5. Help your senior stay socially active. It helps to beat depression and loneliness. Mental health is tied to physical health, so it’s essential to keep both the body and the mind as healthy as possible.

Cancer affects almost every family in one way or another. April is a good month to remember those who are fighting the battle and work together to brighten their day and let them know we care. Cancer can be beaten.

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