Winter’s Coming – Five Ways to Keep Your Mom From Feeling Isolated

Colder temperatures, snowy/icy weather, and dangerous road conditions make it challenging for seniors to get during the winter months. This can lead to feelings of isolation.


Home Care Services in Toronto: Senior Winter Blues

Home Care Services in Toronto: Senior Winter Blues


Here are five ways you can keep your mom from feeling isolated this winter.


Set Up Video Chat

Services like Skype and Facetime make it easy to chat with your mom over the computer. You’ll need to show her how to use it. Leave a list of things she needs to do to get it up and running. Once she’s accustomed to it, she can talk to her friends and family members with ease. As she’s using a video camera, she’ll see people’s faces and reactions.


Arrange Weekly Outings Together

If you live nearby and have the time, make a point of going to your mom’s house for a few hours each weekend. Take her out to do her grocery shopping, enjoy a meal together, or to catch a movie. If money is tight, you could take her to the library to pick out some books she can read during the week.


Make the Most of the Area Senior Center

If your mom lives near a senior center, the activities offered in those settings help eliminate isolation. Your mom may go a few times a week for a luncheon, attend a dance, or join a crafting group. She can learn how to paint, show off her knitting or quilting skills, or discuss the latest book she read. Senior centers also arrange regular field trips. Your mom joins her friends for outings to area parks, museums, or businesses.


Fill the Calendar With Visitors

Talk to relatives and family friends about visiting as often as possible. If everyone can take one day every week or two, your mom will avoid feeling isolated because she knows someone will be visiting soon. These visits can take place in her home, or visitors can take her out shopping or for a meal in an area restaurant.


Arrange to Have Caregivers Visit

Weekly visits from caregivers go a long way in helping avoid isolation. While the caregiver stops by to check on your mom, she also can access services that help her with daily activities of living. She might opt to have her caregiver help her prepare some meals or take care of the laundry. Learn more


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