How to Prevent Varicose Veins in Seniors 


Age has a way of affecting the body so that it does not work as efficiently as it once did. One of the health issues that are common in elderly adults is the appearance of varicose veins. Family caregivers that don’t know about the possible dangers related to varicose veins may be tempted to ignore them. However, if they are left untreated, varicose veins can eventually lead to some significant health issues.  


Home Care Services in Mississauga: Preventing Varicose Veins in Seniors

Home Care Services in Mississauga: Preventing Varicose Veins in Seniors


What are Varicose Veins? 


Veins are found throughout the body, returning blood to the heart. The veins in the legs are large and work hard against gravity to bring in blood all the way from the feet. When the vein walls enlarge, the valves don’t work as well and the blood doesn’t move forward. The excess blood stretches vein walls even more and it pools in the legs. This can lead to purple or blue discoloration and bumpy, enlarged veins.  


What are the Risk Factors and Symptoms of Varicose Veins 


Varicose veins are not an inevitable part of aging and they can be prevented. However, there are some risk factors that may increase the likelihood of someone developing them. Risk factors include long periods of sitting or standing without relief. Obesity, poor diet and circulation issues. There may be some genetic components as well because varicose veins tend to run in families.  


Family caregivers and elder care aides should have no trouble spotting varicose veins. The elderly person may also complain of itchiness, swelling, tightness, stiffness, and pain. The symptoms usually worsen if they are not getting any kind of treatment for the condition. 


Varicose veins can trigger a number of serious health problems like hyperpigmentation, venous leg ulcer, lipodermatosclerosis, spontaneous bleeding, superficial thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis. To avoid these conditions and more, seniors need to be treated by a doctor. 


How are Varicose Veins Treated?

There are a number of health issues that can happen if an elderly person is not taking care of their varicose veins under a doctor’s supervision. Common treatments include compression stockings, sitting with the feet elevated, losing weight, exercise, and activity. For seniors that are bedridden or in a wheelchair, they will need help from family members and elder care aides in moving their limbs and exercising their muscles. 

In very serious cases, the doctor may recommend surgery for varicose veins. The surgeries are quite minor and use lasers for minimal invasiveness. Most patients don’t need to spend very long in the hospital and recovery is fairly fast for seniors. 

If varicose veins are causing pain, discomfort, and redness for an elderly adult, the family caregiver needs to discover ways to help. Only a doctor can set out an effective treatment plan that will help minimize the health problems that are possible with varicose veins.   


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