Using Exercise to Beat Stress

One of your biggest enemies as a caregiver is your own stress level. If you’re overly stressed, you’re going to wear yourself down much more than you should be. Managing your stress is crucial and exercise is an easy way to do that. It also benefits your whole body.


Home Care Services in Richmond Hill: Caregiver Stress

Home Care Services in Richmond Hill: Caregiver Stress


Talk to Your Doctor

Even if you’re just doing a little bit of exercise at first, you need to talk to your doctor. Your own doctor can make sure that you’re healthy enough to be exercising more than you already are. This can sound like a step you can skip, but often caregivers haven’t been to their doctor in a while so this is a logical step.


Movement Burns Excess Energy

The reason that exercise works so well to relieve stress is that stress builds up in your body. It makes your muscles tight and causes your body to release hormones related to fight or flight. Your body is trying to prepare itself for the threat it perceives. When you start exercising regularly, you’re able to burn off some of that excess energy that’s building up.


Exercise Releases Endorphins

But exercise isn’t just about burning off that energy you’ve built up. It’s also a way for your body to release endorphins or chemicals that can dramatically improve your mood. They’re the same chemicals responsible for a “runner’s high” and they can be instrumental in helping you to manage your stress.


Consistency Is the Key for Stress Relief

The more consistent that you are with your exercise routine the better. Your body gets used to being able to burn off that excess energy and get the happy release of endorphins that make it feel better. Your brain is also able to work problems out differently when you exercise, especially when you make exercise a habit.


You Don’t Have to Do Something Specific

What you do doesn’t matter as much as getting more movement in matters. Throwing an impromptu dance party every afternoon can be just as effective as a half-hour walk on a treadmill. Find activities that you enjoy and that you want to keep doing. That’s the best way to build consistency into your exercise routine.


Don’t worry about having a perfect exercise practice right out of the gate. In the beginning, you’re looking for ways to be less stressed as a caregiver. Adding a small amount of extra movement now is a solid goal and you can build up your activity level as you go. There’s no need to tackle anything big right now.


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