Help! My Aging Mom is Home Alone All Day

There are plenty of factors that contribute to social isolation for elderly adults, from retirement and long-distance families to health issues and the death of a spouse. Living alone is a real struggle for many seniors, and it can even be harmful to their health. While family caregivers do as much as they can, they are often forced to leave their aging relative alone for many hours at a time.


Home Care Services in Thornhill: Social Isolation

Home Care Services in Thornhill: Social Isolation


Family caregivers with an elderly loved one that spends a lot of their time alone need to be proactive in finding ways for their relative to stay more connected to others. Hiring a home care provider can give elderly adults the companionship they require while also meeting for their physical needs as well.


Isolation is Dangerous for Seniors

With age comes many physical and emotional challenges and seniors who live alone or spend most of the day alone are at risk. Many seniors struggle with the daily tasks of self-care, such as bathing, getting dressed, and preparing meals for themselves. They may also have a hard time with housework and laundry or caring for a pet. They could suffer a slip and fall accident or another injury just trying to complete typical tasks around the house.

Emotionally, seniors who are alone often become chronically lonely. While this may not seem to be dangerous, studies show that isolation and loneliness can have a significant impact on physical and mental health. Lonely seniors are more likely to develop heart conditions, dementia, depression, and malnutrition, among others. Companionship for seniors is extremely important so they don’t develop chronic loneliness. Home care providers are an excellent way for elderly adults to avoid social isolation and enjoy a higher quality of life as they age at home.

Companionship from Home Care Providers

Home care providers are professionals that provide all kinds of services for elderly adults who need assistance throughout the day. Most family caregivers think about home care providers when they want someone to help their elderly relative around the house. They can do housework, laundry, meal prep and pet care. Home care providers also aid seniors with any self-care tasks like getting dressed and grooming.

However, the biggest benefit of home care providers may be the companionship they offer. The elderly person can rely on them for support and to express themselves. They can work together to solve problems, plan outings, make appointments and discuss various topics. Many home care providers like to play board games or card games with their aging clients, or plan trips to local events and attractions. Having a companion relieves a lot of stress for seniors, and home care providers know what it takes to ensure the elderly person is comfortable and content.

There’s no doubt that home care providers can play an important part in making sure an elderly adult thrives while aging in their own home. Family caregivers can also feel comforted knowing that their aging relative is in good hands and isn’t alone all the time.

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