Fraud Prevention Tips You Must Share With Your Mom

Scammers target seniors for several reasons.
One, seniors tend to be polite and pick up a ringing phone rather than let it go to voicemail. Two, seniors often have retirement savings tucked away in bank accounts. Scammers look at seniors as easy targets. Your mom doesn’t have to be a target. Share these fraud prevention tips with her and keep her safe.


Home Care Services in Toronto: Senior Fraud Prevention Tips

Home Care Services in Toronto: Senior Fraud Prevention Tips


Use Caller ID and Return Calls

It used to be that you could look at the caller ID and know who was calling. Scammers got around that using spoofing. Spoofing is a technique where the caller ID shows a different number to the one that the caller is actually using. The caller ID may show it’s the local bank, but it’s really a scammer in another country.

To get around spoofing, tell her to never answer the phone. She can wait until you or another caller leaves a message. If it’s a legitimate call, she can call the person or business back.


Research Any Contractor

If your mom needs work done at her home, make sure she chooses a reliable contractor. She should get quotes and sit down with you to go over them. She does not want to sign a contract until she’s certain it’s the best company for the job.

Look up the contractor with the state. Make sure there are no complaints against them. You can also ask neighbors for recommendations.


Set Up Call Filters for the Phone and Spam Filters on Emails


-Most phone services have filters you can set up to block calls. Block calls from unlisted numbers and international numbers. Calls will slip by the filters from time to time. When those calls come in, you can add them individually to call blocking filters.

-Have your mom’s email account set up to catch spam and keep it from downloading from the server. Once a week, most email programs will automatically delete any messages that went into the spam folder. She should never respond to an email from someone she doesn’t know.

-If your not sure she can handle her emails or voicemails without help, you can help her. Sign into her accounts remotely with her permission and take care of them for her. You can also hire caregivers to spend time with your mom and help her sort her mail, toss away potential scams, and be available to help with anyone who comes to the door.

-Caregivers offer so many services.
Call a home care agency to find out other ways caregivers can help your mom age at home.


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