8 Tips to Make Dressing Easier for Older Adults

Home Care Services in Vaughan: Senior Dressing

Home Care Services in Vaughan: Senior Dressing

It’s not uncommon for people who provide assistance to their aging relatives to help them get dressed each day. While dressing yourself is easy and you likely do it without much thought, helping someone else to dress is more complicated. This is especially true if their abilities are affected by physical or mental conditions that make the job even harder.


Here are 8 tips you can use to make dressing easier for your elderly family member.


#1 Understand What Makes Dressing Difficult

The first step in helping a senior to dress is to know what makes it hard for them in the first place. If the problem is cognitive, you’ll need to take steps to make dressing easier to understand. For example, try setting clothing out in the order they need to put it on. If the problem is physical, look for ways to work around the disability.


#2 Be Sensitive

Being unable to dress oneself can be emotional. And, since dressing is personal, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to need help doing it. If possible, talk to the older adult about dressing and what will work best for them. Try to preserve their dignity throughout the process.


#3 Get Adaptive Clothing

There are companies that design clothing to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities. The kinds of clothing that will work best depends on their condition. For example, if they can still dress, but have trouble with buttons or zippers, look for clothes that pull on over the head or that use Velcro for closure.


#4 Dress Where the Senior Can Sit

It can be easier for some older adults to dress while sitting down. This prevents them from falling if balance or weakness is an issue. A firm chair that is easy to get in and out of can make the whole process quicker and easier.


#5 Try Assistive Devices

There are devices that help with all sorts of dressing problems, such as button hooks, long-handled shoe horns, and grabber poles.


#6 Be Flexible

Some older adults opt for skipping certain garments if they create extra hassle. For example, a woman may choose not to wear stockings with her dress because they’re just too difficult to get on. If she’s comfortable going without them, don’t argue.


#7 Provide Choices

If your aging relative is able to choose their own clothes, allow them to do so. If cognitive issues make picking appropriate clothing difficult, try offering two items to choose from instead of an entire closet.


#8 Get Elder Care

Some people find having family members dress them simply too uncomfortable. And, some adult children find it too awkward to assist their parent to dress. Elder care can be hired to visit the senior’s home each morning to assist them with dressing. Elder care providers are experienced with aiding older adults with all sorts of personal care tasks, including dressing. An elder care provider can even show family caregivers some tricks to make dressing easier.

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