When is the Right Time to Take Your Mom’s Car Away?

Home Care in Thornhill: Senior Driving

Home Care in Thornhill: Senior Driving

You see stories in the news.

A 90-year-old elderly woman drives her car into a shop after saying she was blinded by the sun. Another elderly woman didn’t check her blind spots well enough before pulling into an intersection. An elderly man hit a parked car causing his car to flip. A 96-year-old woman narrowly dodged getting hit by a train when she mistakenly got her car stuck on the tracks.


You never think it could happen to your mom, but how sure are you? Some of the best reasons to take away a parent’s keys include worsening vision, chronic health conditions, and slower reaction times. If your mom has high blood pressure and might become dizzy, has Alzheimer’s, or had been told not to drive at night because of glaucoma, she needs to listen.


Steps to Take

-Expect your mom to be sad and even angry. She’ll see the loss of her keys as a loss of freedom. Make sure she knows that she will still be able to go out. It’s just going to require letting someone else drive.

-If she’s particularly defensive, ask her doctor or some other neutral party to talk to her with you. Hearing that she’s putting herself and others in danger may get more of a response from her if it’s her eye doctor saying it.

-Once you’ve taken the keys away, take away the temptation. Convince her it’s the right time to sell her car. She’ll be free of insurance payments, car inspections/maintenance, and yearly registration. She’ll end up saving money.

-Talk to her about her weekly routines. To make sure she has a ride, you need to know what her patterns are throughout the week. If she shops on Tuesday to get a senior discount, make sure there’s a ride available on Tuesday.


What Happens Now?

Your mom no longer drives. What do you do now? She has appointments to get to and errands to run. You can’t keep taking time off of work. She’s no longer going out, and you worry that she’s lonely. There is a solution.

Transportation services offered by elder care agencies are perfect. Your mom has a caregiver available to help her run errands or drive her to area offices and stores. Back at home, the caregiver can help with a number of other tasks, such as laundry, medication reminders, and meal preparation. To learn more, give an elder care agency a call.


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