Have You Been Putting off a Scary Conversation with Your Loved One?

It’s just a human reaction to want to put off scary conversations. But when you’re a caregiver, you may need to have these kinds of talks without hesitating. Some of these tips can help you get better at scary talks.


Home Health Care Toronto: Talking to Seniors

Home Health Care Toronto: Talking to Seniors


Take Some Time to Gather Your Thoughts

You may have a burning need to address a particular topic with your senior, but you need to be prepared. This is especially true if the conversation is one you fear she’ll respond to negatively. For example, if you want to talk to your aging adult about hiring elder care providers, you would do well to have as many facts available when you’re ready to talk as you can.


Remind Her and You that You’re Their Advocate

Before you dive in, it’s a good idea to set the tone for the conversation. You can easily do this by reminding your elderly family member, as well as yourself, that you want the best for her. You’re there to do the very best that you can for her as her caregiver and that means a lot to you.


Jump in, but Do so Compassionately

From there, it’s time to jump right into the meat of the conversation. You might be tempted to give yourself a longer introduction to whatever topic you’re addressing, but why string things out? Be straightforward and open about what has been bothering you and what you see as the solution.


Give Your Senior a Chance to Respond

But it’s not all about laying down the law in this talk. Your senior might have some well-defined opinions about what you’ve brought up. For example, when it comes to elder care providers, your senior may be justifiably nervous about having a stranger coming to her home. Make sure you’re really hearing what she has to say so that you can work together to find an answer.


Revisit the Topic as Much as You Need To

It may even be possible that your elderly family member needs more than a few moments to gather her own thoughts about the topic you’re addressing. If she responds badly or she’s too nervous or afraid of the topic right at this minute, let her know that you can both revisit the topic later. This gives her a chance to have a say.

After you finally address the conversation you’ve been avoiding, you’ll be surprised at how relieved you can feel. Even if the conversation doesn’t go well the very first time, at least you’ve opened that conversational door.

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