5 Depression Myths and What You Should Know About the Truth

Depression is a mental health condition that affects as many as 15.7 million adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seniors are at a greater risk of developing depression.
This may be because 80 percent of older adults have a chronic health problem and 50 percent have at least two. Even with the prevalence of the condition, many people can’t separate the myths from the truth. If you’re a family caregiver for an older adult who suffers from depression, below are 5 myths about depression and the truths that you need to know.


Home Health Care in Mississauga : 5 Depression Myths

Home Health Care in Mississauga: 5 Depression Myths


Myth: Depression Isn’t a Real Medical Condition

Truth: Because depression isn’t an illness that can be detected using blood tests or other medical tests, sometimes people think it isn’t real. Or, people may think it’s just sadness or that it’s caused by some sort of failure of character. However, depression is a complicated condition that requires treatment, such as medications and counseling.


Myth: Something Has to Trigger Depression

Truth: Sometimes depression is triggered by a specific event, but not always. Depression is an illness all on its own, and bouts of depression can occur for no apparent reason. Depressive episodes can go on for a long time and can even occur when everything seems to be going well.


Myth: Depression is Always Passed from Parent to Child

Truth: It’s true that depression can run in families, so having a depressed parent can raise a person’s risk of depression. However, it’s not a guarantee. As a family caregiver for a parent with depression, you should be aware of the risk and control the things you can, like avoiding alcohol and drug abuse. However, there’s no need to worry unduly.


Myth: Taking Antidepressants Changes Personality

Truth: Antidepressants work by altering the chemistry of the brain, but they are made to change only certain chemicals. Many people who take antidepressants say that they feel like their old selves again.


Myth: Depression Causes People to Cry Often

Truth: Just because someone with depression isn’t crying, doesn’t mean that they feel fine. Sometimes depression makes people feel numb, useless, or even worthless. However, you may not see outward manifestations of the disease.


Elderly care can help seniors who suffer from depression and may even be able to help prevent depression. Elderly care providers can play an important role in keeping older adults connected with their friends and family. Elderly care providers can assist seniors to get out of the house to visit with friends or attend social gatherings. They can also enable seniors to live a better quality of life at home, which may help relieve symptoms of depression.

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