Could Your Parent’s Fall Be Related to a UTI?

Per the 2010 census, there were 40.3 million senior citizens in the U.S. The CDC reports that 1 out of 4 seniors falls each year. That means more than 10 million elderly men and women fall each year.


Home Health Care in Mississauga: Senior Falls and UTI's

Home Health Care in Mississauga: Senior Falls and UTI’s


Some falls are related to medication side effects. Health issues can be another cause of some falls. Low blood sugar causing dizziness can cause a fall. It’s less likely that you know that infections are also a reason seniors can fall. One of the leading infections in senior citizens is a urinary tract infection.


What Causes a UTI in Seniors?

UTIs are common in seniors. In men, they can be the result of an enlarged prostate blocking urinary flow. If seniors use incontinence pads or briefs and don’t change them frequently, a UTI may occur. Elderly people often fail to drink enough water, too, which prevents the bladder from flushing out routinely.

Estrogen levels help protect the urinary tract from E. coli. After menopause, estrogen levels decline and E. coli can lead to infections. Improper cleaning techniques after toileting are also a risk factor.


Why Do UTIs Lead to Falls?

One of the reasons is that someone with a UTI is going to make frequent trips to the bathroom. There’s an urgency that makes seniors rush to get to the toilet in time.

At night, seniors are more likely to trip over objects or walk into furnishings. It doesn’t have to be limited to nighttime hours. During the day, bathroom trips will be just as frequent. In the rush to get to the bathroom, a fall becomes more likely because less care is taken looking for pets or shoes laying on the floor.

After a doctor diagnoses the UTI, seniors take medications that could cause side effects. Antibiotics like ciprofloxacin can cause dizziness. This continues to increase the fall risk until all doses of the medication have been taken.


Hire a Caregiver to Help With Daily Activities of Living

After a fall, your parent should have someone to help with daily activities of living. What better way to make sure your mom or dad is safe than by hiring a caregiver.

You may want to provide some of the necessary elder care, but a caregiver can take over when you have to work. Caregivers also offer respite care to keep you from feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities.

Learn more about the benefits of caregivers. Call an elder care agency to discuss services and prices.


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