Three Ways to Keep the Brain Healthy

Brain health is important. You work to keep your body healthy, why not your brain? Brain health is important at any age. While you’re learning more about the ways to improve brain health, involve your parents, too. It’s a way to bond while possibly helping to lower the risk of cognitive issues like Alzheimer’s.


Home Health Care in Mississauga: Keeping the Brain Healthy

Home Health Care in Mississauga: Keeping the Brain Healthy


A few things have been found to help lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. As research is ongoing, there are no guarantees. However, if there is a chance it would help, it’s worth a try. Here are three of the ways experts feel you can protect your brain and help keep it healthy.


Avoid Head Injuries

Head injuries like concussions are detrimental. Try to avoid situations that would cause head injuries. Bicycling without a helmet is one. Contact sports like football or more extreme sports like skateboarding can lead to head injuries.

If you do participate in sports like that and hit your head, go to the doctor. It’s better to be checked out and find nothing is wrong than sit at home in an effort to avoid a medical bill. That head injury could be serious.


Make Healthy Food Choices

Too much sugar, fat, and sodium can hurt the body. Eat a diet that provides essential nutrients to the body and brain. A diet rich in fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids is best. Look for low-mercury sources of seafood when possible. Anchovies, herring, North Atlantic mackerel, fresh salmon, and sardines are good choices. Limit fish like king mackerel, shark, swordfish, and tuna.

If you want an alcoholic beverage, some are better options than others. Red wine is rich in antioxidants. Darker beers like stouts or porters are also believed to be better nutritionally. Drink responsibly and limit it to one or two drinks a couple of times a week. Remember that a serving of beer is 12 ounces and wine is 5 ounces.


Exercise the Brain

Make sure you’re doing things that exercise the brain. Crossword puzzles, computer games that require you to solve puzzles or mysteries in order to advance, logic problems, and Suduko puzzles are all ways to exercise the brain.

Has Alzheimer’s already affected your family? You’re not alone. The number of older adults with Alzheimer’s is climbing. One thing you need to do is arrange home care services. Your parents need help with household management, personal care, and transportation as the disease progresses. A home care representative can help you decide on the best services and schedules for their needs.


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