4 Signs You’re a Caregiver

Home Health Care in North York: Caregiver Signs

Home Health Care in North York: Caregiver Signs

Julie began helping her elderly dad with simple tasks after her mother died.
She stopped in at least once a week to make sure he had food in his kitchen and clean clothes to wear. As he got older and had some health problems, she started doing a little more, like managing his finances, cleaning his house, and taking him to medical appointments. When her father’s nurse referred to her as her father’s primary caregiver, Julie balked at the title. He was her dad and had always been the one to take care of her, so how could she be his caregiver now? She thought of herself as simply a daughter who loved her father and did what she thought was right.

Julie’s thoughts about being a caregiver aren’t unusual.
Lots of adult children don’t realize they are family caregivers for their parents. The job might creep up on them so slowly that they don’t realize they are doing it, or, like Julie, they might see it as their duty. However, it’s important that you claim the title of caregiver because it can help you to see some of the pitfalls of the role, like caregiver burnout, help you to get help when you need it, and give you the sense of satisfaction you deserve for the hard work you do. If you’re not sure you qualify as a family caregiver, here are 4 signs that you are.


#1: You Regularly Spend Time Helping Around the House

One of the tasks caregivers commonly do is cleaning their aging relative’s house. Older adults often have trouble keeping their houses tidy because they lack the strength to use the vacuum or have mobility issues that make bending and reaching hard.


#2: You Drive the Senior Around Town

Many older adults lose the ability to drive as they age because of vision problems, mobility issues, or general weakness. Caregivers typically provide transportation to places like the grocery store, medical appointments, and other places.


#3: You Spend Time Researching the Senior’s Condition

Caregivers often learn as much as they can about their loved one’s medical conditions so that they can ensure the older adult is receiving the best care possible. They use their knowledge to ask doctors questions about treatments and medications, keep the senior comfortable at home, or plan for future care.


#4: You’re Prepared to Drop Everything to Help Them

Family caregivers are on-call 24 hours a day. They do everything in their power to be there when their older family member needs them. It can sometimes mean taking time off work or missing recreational activities.


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