Scam Alert – What is Spoofing?

Scams can hit anyone at any time. It can be impossible to keep scammers from getting through on a phone or email. What you can control is whether or not they succeed to scam you. One issue that often fools the elderly are spoofing scams.


Home Health Care in North York: What is Spoofing?

Home Health Care in North York: What is Spoofing?


Here’s more about spoofing and how to avoid it.

How Does Spoofing Work?

Spoofing involves tricking caller ID to show one number even though you’re calling from another. Scammers often find a business or person close to the target’s home. When the scammer calls, they set up the call so that it shows that other business or person’s phone number.

For example, say your mom’s doctor’s number is 555-5555. The scammer would set up the call to show 555-5555 on the caller ID. Your mom answers the phone thinking it is her doctor calling. Scammers use spoofing because it’s common to skip answering the phone if it is an unknown number.

It’s important to inform your parent into spoofing and how it works. A newer scam involved spoofing and tricked some people into falling for the scam. The scammer used the toll-free number for the Social Security Administration. People see the SSA office’s number and answered.

Once the scammer had a person on the line, they said that the senior’s account is missing information. If the senior didn’t supply this missing information, the current benefits would be discontinued. That missing information was typically a Social Security Number.


What Do You Do if Your Parent Gets a Spoofing Call?

Your parents need to make sure they never give out bank accounts, identification numbers from a driver’s license, passport, or Social Security card. They should not send money or gift cards to anyone. If the request for money is legitimate, they have every right to demand to see information in writing. If the scam comes in the mail, they can go to the police to verify it is a legitimate request.


You or your parent should note the number and business on the caller ID. Let the business know and report the call to authorities. If the scammer is posing as the Social Security Administration, report it to the SSA OIG Fraud Hotline online, by mail, or by phone. Other scams should get reported to the Federal Trade Commission via


Keeping on top of the latest scams is one way you can help your parents age at home. Home care services is another. With a caregiver stopping by, your mom and dad enjoy companionship and have help with chores that may be a challenge. Call a home care agency to learn more.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring a Home Health Care in North York, please contact the caring professionals at Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at (905)-709-1767.


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