Are You New to Considering Respite?

If you’ve been feeling run down and extra stressed lately, you might be in need of some respite time. Respite involves making it possible for you to take time away while your elderly family member spends time with someone else, like a senior care provider, and you do what you want to do just for you. It’s a key part of a good self-care plan.


Home Health Care in Thornhill: Respite

Home Health Care in Thornhill: Respite


Reach Out to Other Caregivers or Friends

Relationships with other caregivers can help you to navigate situations like getting used to taking respite time. If you don’t know any other caregivers, talk to your friends and family members about what you’re considering in terms of respite and what you’re feeling about the idea. Supportive family and friends are going to encourage you to take time away so that you can recharge.


Brainstorm Ideas for Using Your Respite Time

At first, it’s difficult to imagine how you’d use even an hour that you’ve set aside for yourself, especially if you’re completely new to the idea of taking respite. Sit down and brainstorm different ideas for how you can use that time. What do you love to do for fun? What haven’t you done in a while? What do you need to do that falls under self-care?


Write Down What Someone Would Need to Know

Lots of times caregivers are nervous about respite time because there’s so much that someone would need to know in order to be truly helpful to their senior family member. If that feels like what’s holding you up, make it a point to start taking notes about what someone would need to know. Senior care providers have a great deal of experience, but any detailed information that you have about your elderly family member’s needs and preferences helps a lot.


Make Your First Few Respite Sessions Shorter

Instead of taking an entire afternoon, maybe start out with a shorter respite session. Try an hour or even half an hour if that feels too long. Take your time and try to relax while you’re away. You don’t have to rush anything. Even if you’re ready to come back “early,” that’s fine. What matters is that you’re going in the first place. Your next few respite sessions may go a lot more easily for you, especially once you realize everything was fine in your absence.

You may feel nervous about taking respite time every single time you leave, and that’s perfectly normal. But the important thing is to keep trying, no matter what.


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