How Do You Start Caregiving?

The time when you start caring for your senior can be an odd time for both of you. Neither of you might know what to do or how this new stage is going to affect your relationship. You might find that you need to just jump right in. Here are a few of the situations you’ll likely face on this new journey.


Home Health Care in Thornhill: Caregiving Tips

Home Health Care in Thornhill: Caregiving Tips


You’re Looking out for Your Senior’s Safety

In the beginning, especially, your biggest concern is your senior’s safety. That means that you’re ensuring her home is maintained, that there aren’t any big safety issues and that you fix what can be fixed. These types of issues might seem unrelated to caregiving at first, but they really are. You’re going to find that you gradually start to become more deeply involved in your senior’s safety over time.


Home Security Is Part of Caregiving, Too

There’s more to safety than just her physical safety, though. There’s also the security of your senior’s home. If she has lived in one neighborhood for a long time, her security measures might have become lax. She might be open to installing a home alarm, particularly one that includes a personal alarm component. These are issues you might want to talk over together.


Your Senior’s Lifestyle Choices Matter

You’re also going to become more intimately aware of your senior’s lifestyle choices. In the past, those decisions might have been ones you didn’t pay much attention to, but now they can directly affect her health. You’re going to be poking around in her eating habits, prompting her to exercise, and finding out what other habits are likely to help her stay healthier.


You Can Still Be a Caregiver from Far Away

Even if you don’t live close to your senior, you’re still her caregiver. The distance might be something you both need to change at some point, but it’s entirely possible with the help of home care providers to keep tabs on your senior’s health from wherever you are. They can help you to determine what your senior needs and how she’s doing on a daily basis.


There may never be a point when you and your senior officially decide that you’re now her primary family caregiver. This is especially true if you’ve never really talked about this time in your senior’s life approaching. But you’re still caring for her, and that means that there are some changes you’ll both experience.


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