Is Your Parent Affected by Loneliness?

In recent years, experts have become more and more concerned about the increasing rate of loneliness in the United States. Some have gone so far as to call it an epidemic. There are even organizations dedicated to relieving and preventing loneliness, such as the UnLonely Project, which seeks to draw attention to the problem and offer ways to combat it. Knowing more about loneliness can help you to identify it in your parent and look for ways to improve their situation.


Homecare in Etobicoke: Senior Loneliness Signs

Homecare in Etobicoke: Senior Loneliness Signs



Who Is Affected by Loneliness?

In 2010, AARP surveyed people over the age of 45 nationwide. The objective of the survey was to find out how prevalent loneliness is. They also wanted to develop a profile of the average lonely person, including information about:

  • Their health.
  • Behaviors related to health.
  • Social involvement.
  • Use of technology to remain socially connected.
  • Results of the study showed that 35 percent of those who responded were lonely. People who were lonely were not as likely to be engaged in pastimes that helped to build social connections, like volunteering, attending worship, or hobbies.
  • Why Is Loneliness Dangerous?
  • As you probably know, loneliness has negative effects on emotional well-being. But, you may not be aware that it can also affect physical health. Loneliness has been tied to health problems like:
  • Stroke.
  • Memory loss.
  • Heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.


In fact, the AARP survey found that people who said they were in “excellent” health were 50 percent less likely to be lonely than those who said they were in “poor” health.


Home Care Can Ease Loneliness in Older Adults

If your parent lives alone and you worry that they might be lonely, home care can make a difference. Home care isn’t just for elderly people who are frail or in poor health. Those who are in better health, but who spend too much time on their own can also benefit. Not only can home care providers assist with tasks around the house, they can also be a good source of social interaction.

Sometimes older adults stay at home because it’s just easier. A home care provider can change that attitude by making it easier for seniors to go out and do things. A home care provider can drive to social activities, worship services, the library, or to volunteer opportunities. A home care provider can also assist your parent to entertain friends and family at home by cleaning the house and preparing refreshments or meals for guests.


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