What’s Going on with Your Senior’s Sleep?

Poor sleep can really wreak havoc on your senior’s peace and harmony. Getting to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible can keep her from developing bigger issues.


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Homecare in Guelph: Senior’s Sleep


Start Tracking How Well She’s Sleeping

When you and your elderly family member first start to realize that she’s having trouble with sleeping, the next thing to do is to start tracking the issues. You can do this really easily with a simple notebook and pen or you can use a fitness tracker that also tracks sleeping habits. You’ll want to know how much sleep your elderly family member is getting and what sorts of issues she’s experiencing as she tries to get better sleep. Make the tracker available to everyone who helps your senior, including home care providers, so that you’re not missing any data.


Track What She’s Eating and Drinking, Too

Something that most people forget about is that what your aging family member eats and drinks affects how well she’s able to sleep. This is especially true if she’s eating or drinking items that have a great deal of caffeine or sugar in them. When you track food and drink, try to remember to include the amount and the time as well. This will help later when you go back and look for patterns in the data.


Use Naps Sparingly

Naps can be a great way for your senior to catch up a little bit of sleep that she’s losing, but they have a downside, too. Naps that are too long can actually keep your aging adult trapped in bad sleep habits. Restricting naps to a shorter span of time, around half an hour, can keep them from taking the place of sleeping at night. It’s also a good idea for your elderly family member to take naps in her own bed so that her body and brain associate that spot with sleep.


Talk to Her Doctor

The next step in working through this issue is to talk with your elderly family member’s doctor. Medications that she takes or undiagnosed health issues can all contribute to sleep problems, no matter how well she is trying to adjust her sleep habits. At some point, a sleep study may help you and your senior to get even more data to come to a solution.

Depending on what is interfering with your senior’s sleep habits, it may take longer than a week or two to help her get back on track. Changes to diet and medications can take a while to go into full effect. Keep with the plan, though, and your elderly family member should start to see results.

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