Heart-Healthy Tips for Grocery Shopping with Elderly Adults

When you are caring for an elderly adult, it is important to make sure they are healthy. One of the many issues that many elderly adults have is their heart. There are a variety of heart health issues that elderly adults experience. The good news is that you and their caregivers can help with grocery shopping to make sure they are getting heart-healthy foods.


Homecare in Guelph : Tips for Grocery Shopping

Homecare in Guelph: Tips for Grocery Shopping


Fresh Foods

If you are going to be doing the grocery shopping for your elderly loved one, make sure you get them fresh foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits are much better than frozen ones. If you are going to get frozen vegetables and fruits, be sure they still have the natural juices in them. If you add more fresh foods to your loved one’s diet, this can help to protect their heart.


Time-Saving Choices

Many elderly adults want to do what they can to save time. They don’t want to stand around cooking for hours on end, which is why many senior citizens avoid eating healthy. They think it will take too much time. The good news is that you can help your loved one to save time and still eat healthily. Either you or their caregivers can cut up the vegetables and fruits for them ahead of time and then store them in their refrigerator. You can also get pre-cut foods, as well. Pre-made salads are another great option to improve heart health in your elderly loved one.


Reading the Labels

Every food that you get will have a nutrition label on it. If you are trying to find heart-healthy food options for your elderly loved one it is important that you read the label. Check for sugar, trans fat, and sodium levels. You should also look at how many minerals and vitamins are in the foods that you pick out, as well. You can check with your loved one’s doctor to see what the daily intakes should be.


No Processed Foods

While there can be some exceptions, you should avoid processed foods if you are trying to protect your loved one’s heart. For example, frozen dinners and canned foods should not be a part of your loved one’s diet. These foods are not good for the heart. The majority of these foods have high sodium levels. In addition, many have insanely high levels of trans fats.

These are some of the heart-healthy tips for grocery shopping with elderly adults. If you caring for your elderly loved one, be sure to follow these tips to help protect their heart health.


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