What Are the Best Ways for Your Senior to Manage Light Incontinence?

Incontinence occurs when your senior loses even a little bit of bladder control. It’s a scary condition not because it’s a sign of worse health, but because incontinence is a symbol of the overall loss of control that can happen as your senior ages.


Homecare in Etobicoke: Senior Incontinence

Homecare in Etobicoke: Senior Incontinence


-Visit the Facilities Regularly

Having a regular routine for visiting the bathroom can help your senior to deal with incontinence issues before they’re an actual problem. These frequent trips help to keep her bladder a little emptier, reducing the likelihood of a leak. This can help your senior to feel a little more secure so that she can relax and go about her day as planned.


-Avoid Smoking, Alcohol, and Other Irritants

Amazingly enough, there are quite a few different triggers that you and your aging adult might not consider when it comes to bladder health and incontinence. Some of those can include drinking a little too much alcohol, continuing to smoke, and even drinking carbonated beverages. You and your elderly family member might want to consider keeping a log of what she does during the day and what she experiences in terms of incontinence. This can help you to spot individual triggers for her so that she can avoid them.


-Check Your Senior’s Weight with Her Doctor

Having even a little bit of excess weight can contribute to incontinence issues. This happens because the pelvic floor muscles support both your senior’s bladder and other internal organs as well as any abdominal fat. The more abdominal fat your senior is carrying, the more stress there is on the pelvic floor muscles. Work with your elderly family member’s doctor to determine if losing even a little bit of weight might help.


-Try Incontinence Products to Find the Right Ones

Using incontinence products such as pads and underwear can feel a little like failing to your aging adult. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Give some of these products a try and consider working with elder care providers to learn more about how to use these items. They’ve got a lot of experience helping aging adults with using just these types of products regularly.

Incontinence, especially light incontinence, is a condition that can come and go. Just because your senior is dealing with this now, that doesn’t mean that she’ll be facing it forever.

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