Fidget Spinners: Do They Really Help Alzheimer’s Patients?

After her father entered the moderate stages of Alzheimer’s, Susan found herself endlessly researching symptoms and care plans. The biggest issue was getting her dad to stay still. Susan’s dad would sit down with a cup of coffee and the newspaper, only to get back up and say he needed to do laundry, mow the lawn, or complete some other household chore.


Homecare in Mississauga: Fidget Spinners And Your Senior

Homecare in Mississauga: Fidget Spinners And Your Senior


Each time her father jumped back up, Susan had to be alert to where he went. He’d left things in the oven in the past. He’d also left the water running in the laundry room sink, and it overflowed. Susan felt that she’d never get to relax.


A New Day Meant a New Habit

One day, Susan noticed her dad kept rubbing his hands. This was a new behavior, though she knew it was related to Alzheimer’s. Within a few days, he’d rubbed his hands so much he’d formed sores. Susan needed to find a way to keep his hands occupied so that the sores could heal.


A Fidget Spinner Seemed to be a Long Shot

Susan spied a fidget spinner while out shopping and purchased it on a whim. Her brother laughed saying it was a fad and not going to help. She took it from the box and set it on the coffee table nearest her dad’s favorite seat.

When her dad sat down, he saw the spinner and picked it up. He started asking questions. Susan explained what it did and how to use it. Soon, her dad was holding it on one finger, balancing it while it was spinning. He’d play with it on the flat table surface. He’d show his dogs what it did. After 30 minutes passed, he still hadn’t put it down. Susan was delighted she’d found something to keep his hands busy.


How Does a Fidget Spinner Work?

Think of a fidget spinner like the tire on a bike. You have the ball bearings and post in the center and the wheel fits around them. When spun, the ball bearings keep the tire moving. That’s all there is to a fidget spinner. It keeps spinning until either the momentum wears out or the user stops it.

A fidget spinner can help with some of the agitation a person with Alzheimer’s experiences. This gives a family caregiver a break to an extent. A senior care professional is another way to get a break. Call a senior care agency to have a caregiver come to your parent’s home and take over while you get away for a few hours.


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