How Important Is Gut Health to a Senior?

Your gut is filled with beneficial bacteria. At Canada’s, University of Western University, China’s Tianyi Health Science Institute, and Lawson Health Research Institute studied the bacteria levels in more 1,000 subjects. It was discovered that the healthiest seniors had the same gut flora as 30-year-olds.



Homecare in Vaughan: Senior Gut Health

Homecare in Vaughan: Senior Gut Health


A microbiome is the good bacteria living in the digestive system. Most people have trillions of the bacteria in their intestines. Research finds that this bacteria interacts with the brain to help with blood sugar control, sensations of being hungry, and how the body processes fat stores.

All of this has researchers thinking that bacteria play a role in the health of elderly men and women.


Here are some of the ways they think gut flora impact a senior citizen’s well-being.



When specific gut bacteria were introduced into mice, inflammatory response decreased. This 2016 study released by the American College of Rheumatology. The thought is that if the gut flora can impact inflammation, it could ease arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


High Blood Pressure

The Max Delbruck Center in Germany found an interesting effect between a specific type of bacteria and table salt. Your mom and dad have probably heard that too much salt is detrimental when high blood pressure is a concern. When extra lactobacilli were introduced into the diet, blood pressure readings dropped. Researchers also found that the bacteria helped with certain autoimmune conditions.


Stress and Anxiety

Dr. Gerald Clarke of University College Cork believes that gut flora may help control anxiety. In a study, they looked at brain activity with mice who had lots of gut bacteria and those that didn’t. They specifically looked at the areas of the brain linked to anxiety. In the mice with lots of bacteria, the mouse had lower levels of anxiety.

The tests are complete on mice, so now researchers are going to see what happens with humans. If it’s successful, lactobacilli are found in so many fermented foods including sauerkraut and yogurt. It would be easy to add this bacteria to the diet.

Gut flora is still being researched. If you want to improve your mom or dad’s health, start with diet and exercise. You might not be able to be there throughout the week, but there’s an easy way to make sure they have the help they need.

Caregivers come to your parent’s home and help with light housework, laundry, meals, and companionship. Caregivers can remind your parent to take medications and join them on a walk. Learn more about the range of available services in your area.

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