Are Other Family Members Taking Over?

At some point, your senior’s other family members might start to realize that there’s a lot going on with her needs and her care. That might be a good thing.


Homecare in Markham: Family Members Taking Over

Homecare in Markham: Family Members Taking Over

Figure out Why They’re Elbowing in Now

It’s difficult sometimes to understand why you’ve been asking for help and now other family members are trying to shove their way forward and take over. They may not have the knowledge you do about what’s been happening with your senior and, more complicated still, they may not be able to devote time and energy to her care. All of this needs to be explored a bit further.

This Might Be How They Cope with the Changes

One thing to remember is that everyone copes with changes differently. Even though you’ve been telling everyone that you need help with your senior’s care, they may not have gotten the message until now. And now that it’s sinking in, they may be scared or upset or feeling a lot of other feelings. Pushing their weight around with you might be a coping mechanism.

Let Go of the Need to Be Right

How important is it for you to be the one that’s right in all of this? There might be some situations, like when your senior’s safety is involved, that it’s urgent for you to be right. But when it’s about little details or unimportant aspects, you might be able to hand some things over to these other family members. That doesn’t mean they’ve “won,” but it might mean you get a little peace.

Delegate Some Tasks to Them

If some of those tasks are ones they really want to handle, jump on this opportunity. Start delegating more and more to these family members. Sometimes the impression they had of what was happening was a little skewed and getting more involved in your senior’s daily care can clear those misconceptions right up. There are other times, too, when people realize they didn’t actually want to be as involved as they thought they did.

Get Some Outside Help

Regardless, it’s going to help all of you to have some outside help in the mix. Elderly care providers are going to offer you experience that you can rely on, even when these other family members back out on you at the last moment. They’re going to help you to have stable care for your senior.

When you’re the main caregiver in the situation, you’ve got a different perspective of your senior’s needs and situation. That can help you to navigate this hiccup much more easily than you expect.


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