Is Caregiving Getting Boring?

Being a caregiver sometimes means that every day feels exactly like the day before. That’s not so terrible, but it can start to become a little old after a while. You might even start to feel as if you’re bored and that can be a bit scary at first.


Homecare in Markham: Caregiving Tips

Homecare in Markham: Caregiving Tips


Assess Why You’re Feeling Bored

When you start to notice you’re feeling bored, it’s important to take a closer look at why. That’s something that can be uncomfortable to do because you might be worried about what you’ll find. Journaling can help, especially if you do so with an open mind and don’t censor what you’re thinking. If you can figure out what’s causing the feeling, you can start to find some answers.

You Might Be in a Routine Rut

One of the biggest factors that can determine whether you’re bored or not could be whether your routines are getting to you. Routines are an incredible way to add structure to your day and to your senior’s day, but they can also start to feel a little old after a while. Take a look at what in your routines is working and what isn’t. Sometimes a deceptively small change makes a huge difference.

Your Senior Benefits from New Activities

If you’re bored, your elderly family member might be feeling bored, too. Talk with her about what she likes about her days and what she would change if she could. There might be some new things you could do together. Or there may be some things she’s been wanting to try on her own. It’s not a bad idea to get her opinion on how life is going these days.

Time Away Can Help with Perspective

Are you taking respite time? That’s often something that isn’t happening when you’re a caregiver and it makes a world of difference. Find out what you can do to start taking regular respite time away from caregiving. Fill that time with activities and experiences that fill you up and that bring you joy. You’ll come back to your regular routine feeling refreshed.

There’s a lot of negativity that can start to pile onto you if you start to realize you’re feeling bored as a caregiver. After all, you’re there to help your senior, right? But that doesn’t mean that every day has to be dull and unexciting. There are things you can do to bring some joy back into daily life.

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