Five Facts You Need to Know About Family Caregiving

Family caregiving provides parents with the help they need, but there are downsides to the situation. People look at being family caregivers as being the best quality and lowest cost, but is that better? These are the facts you need to consider.


Homecare in Richmond Hill: Family Caregiving

Homecare in Richmond Hill: Family Caregiving


#1 – Family Caregivers Don’t Often Get Paid

Family caregiving is affordable because your parents are unlikely to pay you for helping them. That’s great if you can afford it, but are you risking your own finances? If you quit a job to be there all day, you’re could struggle to pay your own bills. You also impact your retirement savings.

The other concern involves the lack of employer-sponsored health insurance. How much are you paying for health insurance or did you drop out of having health insurance completely? If you have a health issue, how will you pay for the care you need? You could end up bankrupting yourself.


#2 – You’re Not Trained

The care you may be providing isn’t always as easy as you’d think. Lifting a parent out of bed, into a wheelchair, or from a shower seat is hard work. You risk straining muscles. If you’re trying to move your parent and he/she falls, how would you feel?


#3 – Three Out of 10 Caregivers Feel Stressed

A Pew Research study found that 32 percent of family caregivers feel stressed while providing care. Are you letting stress negatively impact your health? Poorly-managed stress often leads to anxiety and depression. It can impact the immune system. Stress management techniques are necessary, but it’s not always easy for someone to understand how to reduce stress.


#4 – The Majority of a Family Caregiver’s Time is Spent on Household Chores

An average of 13 days every month is spent doing these tasks:

• Cooking meals
• Planning the weekly menu
• Shopping
• Serving meals and doing dishes after
• Cleaning the house
• Doing the laundry and putting it away
• Reminding when it’s time to take medications
• Driving the older adult around

Routines are common and can become tedious. That becomes wearing and can lead to days where you have to force yourself to stay on schedule.


#5 – Your Parents Won’t Always Agree and Can Behave Poorly

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and insists she can go for a walk alone. You try to stop her and she pushes you away. You fall and sprain your wrist. That’s going to impact your ability to care for her.

Your dad does not like being told that he cannot have a beer. The medications he takes require it. He constantly tries to buy beer from the corner store or at a local pub, so you can’t let him go shopping alone.

Don’t let caregiver burnout occur as you provide care. Take breaks. Schedule elder care services so that you have time for errands, social activities, and family fun. Give an agency a call to discuss elder care rates and schedules.


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