Helping Your Senior Overcome Their Fear of the Doctor

Does your senior parent or loved one receiving elderly care at home have a fear of going to the doctor that is affecting their health or well-being? It can be very frustrating when our parents refuse to see a doctor, especially when they are having a problem that may require medical attention.


Homecare in Toronto: Senior Fear of the Doctor

Homecare in Toronto: Senior Fear of the Doctor


It is, however, very common for people to have worries or anxiety about seeing a medical practitioner. In fact, there’s even a name for that- iatrophobia – which is the medical term for having a fear of doctors.

If you are noticing signs that your senior parent or loved one getting elderly care at home is resisting the medical care that they need due to a fear that they have, here are a few ways that you might be able to get them the help that they require:


-Get support

There are therapists that are trained to help people with fears such as the fear of doctors. Find a counselor or therapist that your senior will talk to, and have them start seeing them before a health crisis arises so that they can be actively working on overcoming their issues.
Don’t shame them about their feelings, but rather help them find someone who can not only understand what they are feeling but help them find coping mechanisms and ways to change their way of thinking.


-Interview doctors

If your senior doesn’t like their doctor or thinks that they won’t like the one that they need to see, it is perfectly acceptable to call around and interview offices to find one that meets the needs of your senior parent. Be open about your senior’s worries and concerns and get a feel for their manner and the way that they handle patients who have extreme phobias or fear of doctors.


-Go with them

If it will help your senior to have someone with them as they go to the doctor, offer to go with them. If they have privacy concerns, offer to sit with them in the waiting room so they know that they are not alone and so that they know you are there when they are done.



If it helps them to know what to expect, do some research so that you can present them with some factual information about procedures or practices that might ease some of the anxiety that they feel about the unknown.


-Hire help

If your senior has complex medical issues that require care at home, consider hiring caregivers to come in and assist them. They may feel better about getting care in the comfort of their own home and the benefit of professionally trained caregivers is that although they are not doctors, they do have the ability to help with many elderly care needs such as medication and minor procedures like checking blood pressure or blood sugar.


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