What Do You Need in an Information Binder for Your Senior?

An information binder is something that you can set up very quickly for your elderly family member in a plain three-ring binder. Once you’ve got the framework set up according to your senior’s needs, you can add and remove paperwork as needed. It’s something you can leave out on a kitchen counter to make it even easier to access and to use.


Homecare in Vaughan: Senior Information Binder

Homecare in Vaughan: Senior Information Binder


Contact Names and Phone Numbers

You never know when you or someone else is going to need to know which pharmacy phone number is the right one for your senior or what her doctor’s phone number is. With lists of those different contacts and their contact information in one location, everyone from your senior to senior care providers can find exactly the phone numbers that they need.


Health History and Information

Even if your elderly family member is in perfect health right now, there are probably some things that it would be helpful for someone to know. Things like allergies, medications, and general health information can all be beneficial to put in a binder. And if something changes, that’s easy to update. If your elderly family member does have some more complicated health needs, you can list out the details so that someone else can assist her.


Procedures and “Things to Know”

If your elderly family member has a specific way that she likes things done, whether that’s the dusting or how she prefers her breakfast, it might be a good idea to have that in a cheat sheet for other people. Those little details that you don’t think about much are the very same bits of information that could help home care providers to ensure your senior has a great day, every day.


Trackers and Logs

Keeping track of a variety of different metrics can help you and your elderly family member keep an eye on her health. Things like hours slept, exercise time and water intake can all be important data to collect. Keeping these logs all in the same information binder as all the other information you’ve got, lets your senior and anyone helping her to do their part in keeping track of those data points.


Keep the information binder in a place where everyone who needs it can access it. That way when senior care providers have a question or need to make notes about something, they know exactly where to go to find what they need. This is going to make life easier for you, too.


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