How Can You Help Your Aging Adult Adjust to the Changes that Come with a Dementia Diagnosis?

Home Health Care in Aurora: Senior Dementia Diagnosis

Home Health Care in Aurora: Senior Dementia Diagnosis

Hearing that your elderly family member has dementia can be quite shocking for both of you.  That’s why carefully putting together a plan of action for dealing with the diagnosis is so important.  Your elderly family member may not be able to cure her dementia, but she can definitely cope with what it throws her way.


Don’t Let Her Give Up

For so many people, hearing even the word “dementia” is enough to make them want to give up.  Why bother, when dementia is eventually going to steal everything from them?  The thing is, dementia moves slowly and there’s no way to know right now how it will affect your elderly family member.  There’s also the fact that she’s got plenty of living between now and the end, so it pays to make that time as enjoyable as possible.


Stay Honest about What’s Happening

One way that many people with dementia cope is by hiding new symptoms or issues as they crop up. They figure that if they don’t address them or if no one else knows about them, they can pretend that it didn’t happen and that the dementia isn’t worsening.  Make a pact with your elderly family member that you’ll be honest with each other.  That way you can work together to find solutions when something happens.


Find Effective Coping Strategies

You, your aging adult, and her medical team can all be a powerful force in the battle with dementia. Joining a support group can also show you how other people are handling their illness.  With all of these different tools at your disposal, you and your elderly family member will start to put together some strategies that help her to cope as well as possible.


Remember that Not All Solutions Work for Everyone

Keep in mind, however, that not every solution is going to work well for everyone.  Some aging adults might feel better having senior care providers available the entire time when you can’t be there.  Others may prefer that you or care providers drop in and then let her remain independent as much as possible.


Everyone has different needs.

Some days are definitely going to be better than others, so it’s okay to feel as if you’re floundering on occasion. Rely on the help and the systems that you have in place to cope.

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