Is Your Elderly Loved One at Risk for Osteoporosis?

Elderly Care in Richmond Hill

Osteoporosis makes bones brittle and porous, causing them to break easily. It is believed to be caused by a lack of calcium and/or vitamin D, but some people acquire it even if they don’t have any Elderly Care in Richmond Hillrisk factors for the disease. Knowing whether your loved one is at risk for this problem is important, and that requires a trip to the doctor’s office and some testing. The test will check their bone density and, if it’s a problem, there are medications they can take to help strengthen their bones. These are not without potential side effects, though, and they may interact with other medications.

It’s very important to make sure you know what medications and supplements your elderly parents are taking, to make sure they are getting what they need to help reduce their risk for osteoporosis. Many elderly people take a multivitamin each day, and some take other supplements on top of that. That’s generally all right, but it’s also important for elderly people to get enough valuable vitamins and minerals from the food they eat. A lot of them don’t get what they need, and that can cause a number of diseases and problems. Even if your elderly loved ones don’t have risk factors for the disease, they could still be at risk if they fall. Bones that are older may break more easily, and even a fall onto carpet can break a bone if the person lands the wrong way or is very thin and doesn’t have much padding to protect his or her bones.

Making sure your elderly mom or dad has a healthy diet with enough vitamins and minerals can be hard to do, but an elderly care worker can make things easier. With an in-home care worker, it’s more likely your loved ones will get healthy food and proper nutrition, which can reduce their osteoporosis risk. A senior care worker will also be able to help them avoid falls, and he or she can contact someone right away if they do happen to fall.  Having a caregiver present with your parents will allow them to feel safer in their own home.

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