Is Your Elderly Loved One Experiencing Anxiety? Find out the Different Types

Home Care in North York: Know What to do for Anxiety

If your elderly loved one is suffering from anxiety, she is not alone. It’s not unusual to have some anxiousness when it comes to meeting new people or trying something new for the very first time. This happens to a lot of people once in a while. However, if a person experiences anxiousness or worry on a daily or weekly basis and it impacts how they live their life, they may actually have an anxiety disorder. This is nothing to be ashamed of. It may be important to seek some medical or mental health help of the anxiety becomes debilitating.Home Care North York

See if the following descriptions apply to you or your elderly loved one:

If you do have an anxiety disorder, you might feel worry and fear very strongly, so strongly perhaps that it affects how you act and react to everyday situations. There are many different categories of anxiety, take a look at the following types to see if you or someone you love might be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

  1. If you have a fear of social situations or worry that others will pass judgement on you, you may have social anxiety disorder. For older adults, the thought of forgetting names of friends or loved ones can be very worrisome as well as concern about their appearance, especially if they are ill.
  2. If you have frequent worries or fears that are usually not triggered by any specific event, you may have generalized anxiety disorder. Older adults can have many worries about everything from their health to their living situation and money.
  3. If you fear certain places or things that aren’t in themselves dangerous or unsafe, you may have a specific phobia. For an older adults these could be fears of harm coming to loved ones, mortality, or of being left alone.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an anxiety disorder, seeking medical help is very important. A doctor will be able to talk you through your fears and answer any questions you may have as well as starting treatment for your symptoms.

As your loved one gets on in years and has a little difficulty with daily tasks, this may increase her anxiety levels. Consider getting some in-home care service for her. This would give her a caregiver to assist her with the daily activities she needs to accomplish such as bathing and dressing, light housekeeping, personal care and hygiene. It also gives the family a respite from the increasing care needs of their loved family member. Everyone needs to have some time for relaxation and self-care.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services in North York, contact the caring professionals at Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at 905.709.1767.

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