Learn Four Additional Health Conditions You Should Watch For in Your Elderly Parent this Winter Season

Senior Care in Vaughan Bundle up Your Loved Ones For Winter

Winter months bring about fun and joy for some people. However for the elderly, the chilly days can instead bring on the winter blues and health problems. Senior citizens are at a higher risk of slips on ice, frostbite and hypothermia. A senior’s body temperature tends to be lower than younger adults, which increases the risk of hypothermia. Seniors who have circulation problems or cardiovascular disease tend to be at a higher risk for frostbite. Frostbite can lead to loss of limbs if serious.

As you probably know, Ontario weather can be somewhat unpredictable. With seniors, you must always be prepared for cold weather. It could seem warm one day but the temperature could plummet the next. Make a careful assessment to ensure your elderly loved one has all they need to stay warm over the winter.

Elderly adults with heart problems should be cautious while shoveling snow since the heart needs to work harder to keep the body warm. The physical activity plus the cold can put too much of a strain on the heart. Some seniors have problems with mobility or balance and should take great care while walking in snowy or icy conditions. Better yet, hire a neighborhood kid to shovel the walks for your parent.

As the temperatures continue to drop, seniors have a number of other health conditions that can occur as well. If you are a caregiver to a senior, here are four additional health concerns to be aware of during winter months:

  1. Vitamin D Deficiency – Not getting enough sunshine in very cold climates puts seniors at risk for Vitamin D deficiency. This important nutrient is needed not just for healthy bones, but it’s been shown if you are Vitamin D deficient, it can lead to cardiovascular disease and possibly certain cancers.
  2. Feeling SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Many people can experience these symptoms in cold months – depression, anxiety, fatigue, sadness and moodiness. However, the elderly tend to be more vulnerable to SAD if they spend most of their time indoors in the winter.
  3. Respiratory problems – Cold weather is usually the time when people catch a cold or the flu. But if your senior already has chronic respiratory problems, a simple cold can turn into something serious.
  4. High blood pressure – It’s important to keep your senior bundled up if they step outside in the cold. The chilly weather makes our blood vessels constrict to help us stay warm. This however makes the heart work harder and leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Consider hiring senior care services. An expert caregiver can spend a few hours each day with your senior parent, helping them with daily tasks and giving them companionship.

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