Learn Ways to Incorporate New Habits into Your Current Routine

Elder Care in Aurora – Excellence is a Habit

Aristotle that said we are who we are because of what we do and excellence is a habit and not an act.  Those words will likely resonate strongly with you if you want to build good habits, but find it difficult because of obstacles that get in your way.  As you will see in the following article, these obstacles can be avoided by using research conducted into habit building, discipline and motivation to create usable steps to make good habits stick. To find out how you can apply this in your life, keep reading.

Set Macro Goals and Micro Quotas

Though thinking big is very effective for pushing to and achieving goals, you need to also consider your day to day life.  You might want a quick jump to the point when your new habits are established properly, but this is impossible.  You need to then make use of what is often referred to as “micro quotas”  While your big plans/goals are the bigger picture; the micro quotas are the small amounts of work you have to do on a day to day level to achieve your big goals.

Use Your Current Routine to Build Behavior Chains

Instead of fighting against or trying to change your current routine; it is much better to use it and work with it.  You can do this by using environmental triggers to tell you when you need to engage in your new habit.  Pick a regular activity in your routine and then incorporate your new habit into it.

A good example of this could be instead of thinking just that you will try to keep your house cleaner; you could decide when you get home from work you will change your clothes and clean the kitchen, then lounge in the living room.

Avoid Too Many Options

According to many different sources, including the Harvard Business Review, if you want to achieve and retain discipline on a long term basis and develop good habits, it is wise to avoid having too many options.   By simplifying and making the more boring decisions routine in your life, you will make it easier to stick to new habits.

Process plan (but don’t fantasize)

One mistake people make when fantasizing about a new habit is they get too caught up in the fantasy of the results without properly considering the why and how the changes will happen.  What you visualize could be the root cause of this mistake.  For instance if your goal is to learn Spanish, it is better to visualize yourself learning how to speak Spanish than visualizing yourself speaking Spanish in Spain.

This process works for 2 main reasons –

The Emotional Side: You will experience less anxiety by visualizing the individual steps it takes to achieve your new habit/goal
The Planning Side: You are better able to focus on the steps by visualizing the process rather than end result.
Doing things for yourself and your own improvement is a great way to build confidence in yourself. Not only that, but it also gives you time for personal reflection and rejuvenation. To make some more time for you in your already busy schedule, hire elderly home care to help with looking after your senior loved one.

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