Five Facts You Need to Know About Family Caregiving

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How Do Caregivers Help With the Different Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease?

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5 Most Common Cancers Affecting the Elderly

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Is Your Senior Making it to Doctor’s Appointments?

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Recovering from Heart Surgery

Approximately 25% of people over 75 years of age suffer from symptoms of cardiovascular disease. This coupled with advances in pre and post-operative care and an increase in average life expectancy, … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Tell Your Senior Isn’t a Collector

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Making the Most of Being Homebound

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When to Have the Conversation About Stopping Driving

Upon reaching elder years, most seniors deny (or at least do not want to accept) the fact that it is time to stop driving. It is likely for their own safety, and for others as well, but it is hard for … [Read more...]

Causes for Low Vision in the Elderly

Low vision is defined by visual acuity. Another explanation includes the clarity or sharpness of your vision tends to become lower as you age, leading to low vision. Low vision also refers to a … [Read more...]

Should You Worry About a Senior’s Shuffling Walk?

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