Making the Most of Being Homebound

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When to Have the Conversation About Stopping Driving

Upon reaching elder years, most seniors deny (or at least do not want to accept) the fact that it is time to stop driving. It is likely for their own safety, and for others as well, but it is hard for … [Read more...]

Causes for Low Vision in the Elderly

Low vision is defined by visual acuity. Another explanation includes the clarity or sharpness of your vision tends to become lower as you age, leading to low vision. Low vision also refers to a … [Read more...]

Should You Worry About a Senior’s Shuffling Walk?

Scuff. Scuff. Scuff. That’s the sound many caregivers hear when their aging relative walks through the room. The senior does not pick up their feet. Instead, they shuffle across the floor, never … [Read more...]

Four Steps for Managing Potential Falls

Falls are incredibly dangerous for aging adults and can be devastating both physically and emotionally. Talking about your senior’s fall risk with her might feel complicated at first, but it’s … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Reducing the Amount of Salt Your Parent Eats

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Planning Senior Care? Ask Your Parents These Questions

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The Pros and Cons of Taking Over Your Dad’s Care

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How Do You Start Caregiving?

The time when you start caring for your senior can be an odd time for both of you. Neither of you might know what to do or how this new stage is going to affect your relationship. You might find that … [Read more...]

Elderly Care for Seniors with Breast Cancer

Mary is a senior who lives alone. Her daughters live in a different state and are not always present to care for their mother. One day Mary looked in the mirror and noticed some changes in her breasts … [Read more...]