Planning Ahead for Elder Care for Your Senior Parents is Important. Find Out Steps That Should Be Taken Now.

Senior Care in Guelph – Elder Care Laws in Ontario need Review?

The current legislation in effect for families in Ontario need to be reviewed concerning substitute decision-makers and power of attorney. The laws are difficult to understand and as one family reports, lead to bitter arguments.

Take the case of Tricia MacDonald. According to, “Tricia MacDonald is locked in a dispute with her siblings over the care of their 71-year-old mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease. MacDonald’s mother never assigned power of attorney, meaning that under Ontario Law, all of her children have an equal say in her care.”

It has been months now, MacDonald and her siblings have been in an emotional dispute over the issue of care for their mother. According to MacDonald, “There’s a complete divide at this point. Every single person involved will tell you, I’m doing what’s in Mom’s best interest. It’s ridiculous. It’s wrong. We’re all very angry.”

The recount continues, “Despite increasing dementia rates among the population, early findings of an influential review suggest the provincial laws that dictate how decisions are made for seniors who can no longer decide for themselves are poorly understood, difficult to navigate and can lead to bitter family disputes.” You can read more by going to this page:

Until new laws are passed as recommended by the Law Commission of Ontario, families need to remain diligent in having conversations regarding care. It can be a difficult topic to bring up, but your parent may surprise you and be willing to get their wishes known. You can approach the subject by making your own care wishes known at the same time, so your parent doesn’t feel singled out.

Make sure your parent’s wishes for care are written down and know by everyone in the family who may be involved in care or care decisions. Have a meeting with your parent’s lawyer and find out what specific papers need to be in place.

When your aging senior needs a little extra help at home, consider hiring senior care services. This is a great way to get your parent the extra help they need while allowing them to stay in the comfort and familiarity of home. Studies have verified senior adults are healthier and happier on average when allowed to age at home than those who are moved to a care facility. There are other benefits to remaining at home including the continued enjoyment of neighbors and friends in their own community.

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